Our Story

Named after Charles’s late father, Brother Charles was founded by two childhood buddies – Charles and Bosi.

Brother Charles, as he was fondly called by family and friends was always about his fashion. From his early university years as a boy band member through working for decades as a banker, his extensive and eclectic shoe collection was legendary and has been a source of inspiration.

The brand’s original idea came out of a need to find the right balance between contemporary and classic design for high fashion lovers. Both Charles and Bosi had fantasized about creating shoes that could blend into different style situations. For example a pair of traditional loafers that could be versatile enough for a business ensemble. A decade after, what started as a fashion and style experiment has surpassed all expectations.

Charles Augoye and Ogbe Isibor have known each other since age five. They became friends in high school when they connected over the mutual love for fashion and style. While Ogbe has worked as Style editor for a fashion magazine and attended a fashion school in London, Charles has a strong background in Fashion merchandising.

We have meticulously designed and hand crafted each pair of shoe with the highest quality materials we could find. Made using the highest-quality Italian calfskin leather, all our shoes are fitted with orthopedic foam that are incredibly comfortable to wear. The painted pairs are handled by seasoned craftsmen who promise nothing but the unique finishing effects that screams perfection. We can guarantee you that this investment in self will be one of the best decisions ever made.

Thank you for walking with us!

Charles and Bosi